Monday, July 6, 2009


Data::Model is a new ORM created by yappo, Its usage style is similar to DataMapper and Jifty::DBI.

Different from most famous equivalent, Data::Model handles multi-database. In order to do that, every model was appointed its database and table name in addition to its schema specification.

Let's see a simple example:

This is a simplest model in Data::Model, Only two DDL in it.

The first, base_driver( $driver ) specify which database the model would connect to. $driver is a Data::Model::Driver::DBI object. Write those diffusion code in every model is really not perlish, so we extract all possible drivers to MyApp::DB::driver().

The second, pass the table name and schema to install_model(), this step is the same as above two ORM system. and then, all thing done. By the way, columns() is the best syntax sugar provided by Data::Model::Schema.

Wait... Because Data::Model is too young to do auto_migration, we simply write MyApp::DB::make_schema() to do that. Finally, we could do simple CRUD in our application. as below.

Though Data::Model is too young to have some important feature such as validator and hook, even has no ability to handle relation between two table. The prototype is really exciting.

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chorny said...

That's why "use warnings;" is a good idea:

if ($mode == "default") {