Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rails on FreeBSD 7.1

Today I was first time trying to install rails on freebsd 7.1. Neither the ports version nor the gem file version, rails could not work, even only simply creating a new project. It returns message as following.

undefined method `camelize' for "app":String

I had try to reinstall ruby, rubygem, and try other version rails but a nonsense. And finally I forgot how did I discover it needs ruby-iconv ports in fact. It seems occurring at the time I was using rails 2.2.2, some keyword appeared in the error message.

One post on the mailing list [Ruby on Rails : Talk] show the same problem. If you also have the same problem, try it.



Steph said...

Thank you for posting this -- rails (2.1.0) on FreeBSD 6.3 doesn't have this problem and I don't have ruby-iconv installed there. I hadn't tried older versions of rails on my 7.1 machine.

david said...

thank you....
i solve the same problem

emdub said...

Awesome, installing ruby-iconv was the ticket!

Slavka Hopkins said...

Hi! This did not solve my problem, because ruby-iconv installs ruby 1.8 by default, but I need to compile it for 1.9. (I use FreeBSD 7.2, and 8.0RC)
Just change RUBY_DEFAULT_VER?= in /usr/ports/Mk/ from 1.8 on 1.9.
Greetings from Russia, with bears and vodka.

how weird is that? said...

thanks, this worked for me. I use 8.0-RELEASE

Tom Purl said...

Thanks! I had the same issue on FreeBSD 8.0, and this fixed it.